Security researcher Mike Grover constructed a simple looking USB cable that had a built-in Wi-Fi chip. When you plug the cable into your USB port, it provides power to the Wi-Fi chip which the hacker can connect to and send malicious code, websites, and commands to your computer. His USB-to-Lightning cable looks harmless enough but to the unsuspecting user, can gain access to their Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

Mike Grover wants to sell this cable to security researchers in order to create better security for all. USB devices have been designed for many things such as frying your computer. Now, it can hack your computer. But don’t be alarmed because these cables are not just floating around our market today. This is to inform you of the type of technology that is out there and what it is capable of doing.

Many people ask me and some tell me that they were hacked or thought they have been hacked. Truth is, the easiest “hackers” are the online scammers that want to connect to your computer to “fix” a problem that does not really exist and you allow them to connect to your computer. BE AWARE that unless you trust that person, do not let anyone into your computer by downloading a program to connect to you. If you have to pay them in advance for their services to fix something, chances are you are being scammed. The real hacker is not interested in your personal life unless they are bored and you are using a public Wi-Fi. These USB hack cables are what could be used a higher levels of government and businesses where critical information is stored and transferred.

Here is a video demonstrating the cable he created. I did not create the video so if you do not like the music, just mute the video.