Has your Shark Robot Vacuum stopped working and displays a red exclamation point?

After searching several FAQ’s and looking up Shark Robot support, I could not find out why my Shark Robot Vacuum stopped working. I have the Shark AV2501s with LIDAR radar which is excellent with mapping and functionality. With no other indication, it would pull out from the dock about a foot, stop and display a red exclamation point. Then it would flash red and green and make beeping noises.

I rebooted several times, cleaned out all the bins, cleaned the sensors, cleaned the filters and it still gave me the same error. This fix should work on all LIDAR Shark Robot Vacuums so I hope this helps someone out there that has the same problem I had.

To fix the error, make sure your app is up to date. Then remove your Shark Robot Vacuum from the base. Turn your Robot off by pushing and holding the CLEAN button 5-10 seconds. Once off, take a Q-tip and put it between the LIDAR disk on the top of the Robot and the body. Rotate the Q-tip counter-clockwise approximately six times. This takes dust and debris off the LIDAR sensor. Once this step is complete, put your Robot back on the base and repeat the steps to turn your Shark Robot back on but pushing and holding the CLEAN button for 5-10 seconds. Once it is powered on, see if the CLEAN button is lit up white. If it is, it should resume cleaning. If it does not light up white, push the clean button to start or start the process on your app.