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Our 3 Options…

These options start out with the simplest managed service to the full Prepared package that includes all options. We can customize your package to fit your IT needs that solves your IT challenges.


24/7/365 Monitoring

-Allows your equipment to be the most up to date and tuned for your needs

-Provides the ability for remote troubleshooting when you need help

-Find out when hardware is beginning to fail before it causes an outage

-Asset Management and Reporting

-Planned IT upgrades

-Global or Individual Policy Settings

-Performance Statistics


-Industry leading anti-virus software provided

-Anti-malware and real-time endpoint detection and response (EDR)

-Cybersecurity training for employees to reduce possible phishing threats

-Cybersecurity layers to help prevent an attack

-End to End encryption with remote workforce capability

-PCI compliance


-Maintain backups both full and incremental

-Backup images of any virtual machines

-Off-site backups in the event of a natural disaster or accident

-Cloud Services and Systems that can be accessed at any time and anywhere

-24/7 Hotline for immediate IT response

-Disaster Recovery documentation and implementation

-Battery Backups

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Managed Service Provider(MSP)?

Many companies call an IT company to put out their IT fire and fix what is broken. This type of service is called break/fix and usually the IT company is there to just fix the issue without finding out the root cause. These costs can vary depending on the time it takes for a technician to fix the problem and it can increase based on how many times they respond. With a Managed Service Provider(MSP), your business systems and applications are monitored 24/7/365 to prevent these fires from happening at a monthly fixed cost that can be budgeted. An MSP can also provide 24 hour support to be there for you when you need IT.

What are some benefits of having a Managed Service Provider?

-Monthly, fixed IT costs
-Minimal downtime
-24 hour availability
-Cybersecurity protection
-Preventative maintenance
-Strategic IT Plan for expansion and disaster recovery
-Regulatory and compliance assistance
-Regular updates and security fixes

Who is our customer?

At Keith Jones-IT, we service small to medium size businesses within 25 mile radius of Flagler Beach, Florida. These businesses have less than 250 employees and are usually between 5-250 endpoints. The type of industries we service are Churches, Veterinarian Hospitals and Clinics, Restaurants, Law Offices and many other office environments. We do not service HIPPA compliant businesses such as hospitals and doctors offices and focus on everyone from the small local business to a family franchise to include PCI compliance companies.


How much do Managed IT Services Cost?

Managed IT service costs vary from provider to provider. This cost varies based upon your business needs and IT goals. Generally pricing depends on the quantity of devices to be covered such as workstations, servers, network devices, etc. and is usually based on a “per device” price. Another factor that affects pricing is the type of services your business requires and what your contract includes. These services can be customized to fit your budget and IT needs. To find out more about pricing, click below for our pricing guide…

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