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Welcome to Keith Jones IT Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you have a question, feel free to Contact Me!

1 - Who can fix my computer near me?

Keith Jones IT can fix your computer and services Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, and Ormond Beach areas. Keith Jones IT services 30 miles from Flagler Beach.

2 - Who can help me install a Smart Home?

Keith Jones IT can install everything you need to make your home a Smart Home. You can have home automation of your television, blinds, lights and any plug-in device. Setting schedules or just speaking to Alexa or Google Home can start your Smart Home journey.

3 - Who can provide remote support for my computer?

Keith Jones-IT can provide remote support for your home computer or your business network. There is no need to hire a full-time technician when Keith Jones-IT can provide a contact term service for your business or just an as-needed service. IT staff can be costly for small businesses. An IT person can cost an average of over $72,000 per year (Indeed Study). But small businesses use technology that needs support and that is where Keith Jones-IT can help. Stay connected and have your own IT person to call when you need help.

4 - Where can I take my computer to get fixed?

Keith Jones-IT can come to you at your work or home. You can also drop it off at a secured location in Flagler Beach upon arrangement. Keith Jones-IT tries to make it as convenient as possible. No need to fight the traffic, deal with parking problems, and stand in line at the big box stores. Today it is about convenience. Keith Jones-IT is about convenience, saving you money and establishing a professional relationship with someone you can trust for your IT needs. It is not just about your computer, it is securing your data and your passwords. Keith Jones-IT is your local, trustworthy source for all your IT needs.

5 - Is there a web designer in Palm Coast or Flagler Beach?

Keith Jones-IT offers responsive website design with custom integration. For instance, the integration of video channels, shopping cart systems, animation, data import, chat rooms and much more. Make sure you get a website that looks as good on a phone as it does on a desktop. Being local to Flagler Beach, I service a 25 mile radius from Flagler Beach. Areas of service include Palm Coast, Bunnell, Ormond Beach, and several other areas.

6 - How can you help my business?

Keith Jones-IT can help analyze your business network and processes to better streamline your day. From organizing your network to looking for repeat processes that can be eliminated by the use of new technology. Many people work with a database or spreadsheet on a daily basis. For instance, they have to carry a laptop or come back to the office to input data. What if that data could be entered in an app on your phone or tablet? The technology is out there. Similarly, maybe you need your email box cleaned up because of newsletters, spam, or marketing. Many processes can be automated to give you more time to focus on your business. In addition, is your network secure? Contact me to analyze your business network system and ensure that you and your data are secured.

7 - What services can you offer my business?

Staffing an in-house IT department or even one tech can be costly. Keith Jones-IT offers monthly contracts to businesses at a discounted rate where businesses can budget their IT expense and have a technician they can call when there is a problem.