The Setup

Recently I installed the Arlo camera system for a client. I have been using Arlo cameras for years and love the product for it’s ease of use, quality, and customer service. I followed instructions and connected the hub to the router, then connected the cameras. The client purchased a wire-free video doorbell from Arlo to go with the system. They had a wired system but even the wire-free Arlo doorbell will work and connect to the wired system. I used my Apple iPhone and the Arlo app to install the devices. The cameras were easy to discover on the network and on the app.

The Problem

When I went to connect the doorbell to the app, I followed the instructions by keeping the Arlo doorbell separated from the mounting plate. The battery did not have a full charge when I started the process. Then insert the battery to the doorbell and press the button. I charged the battery fully before troubleshooting. It showed a white flashing LED’s so I scanned the QR code. From there, the Arlo App went into discovery mode to look for the doorbell. After several minutes, the Arlo doorbell flashed red LEDs and turned off OR the discovery ended showing no devices found. I tried this several times with no success and even separated the WiFi signal between 5G side and the 2.4 side of the spectrum and connected the doorbell to the 2.4 side but it still did not work.

Eventually I called Arlo support and they had me go through the step-up process again and then for a second time. They then had me push and hold the reset button next to the doorbell contacts by holding the button in for approximately 15 seconds and the front LEDs will start to flash. Then we performed the setup again. This still did not work. Support told me to go to my WiFi settings and “Forget Network” and try setup again. It still did not work.

The Solution

I clicked on the Informational icon next to my WiFi network. It will show you the details of the network and options. One ENABLED option was the “Private Address” for my network. I disabled this option and tried the setup again and it worked! The hub found the Arlo doorbell and was able to connect. The Arlo doorbell works great and I am happy to spread the word on the fix. Enjoy and hope that it works for others. I did not try it on an Android phone so I don’t know if Android has a setting for that.