Here’s an experience that I recently encountered that might help some techs out there. Many forums did not give me an answer that worked or made sense. While connected to WiFi, my client’s Samsung Tablet 10 (GT-P7510) was not able to open up a web browser or go to Google Play store. An old Netgear Router that maxed out at 54mbps was still in use at my client’s residence. I suggested a new router to my client to achieve the full potential of his internet.

The Equipment

The tablet went home with me so I could work on it. I found out the Android version was 3.1 and could be updated. I did some research on the Samsung GT-P7510 and found out it will run Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) stable. The new ROM was loaded on the tablet, installed Gapps and connected it to my WiFi. The website that had the best files was but you have to know what you are looking for. I am using a Ubiquiti AC Pro as an access point and the AT&T router. The tablet connects to my WiFi and I am now able to surf the web. I go to Google Play Store and check functionality. All appears working properly, so it is ready for the client right!?

WiFi Problem

I took it to the client who ended up purchasing the latest and greatest Netgear Nighthawk AX1800. Under the WiFi section, we see his new router. His computer and my phone are already connected to the router and works great. We click on the SSID and it attempts to connect by briefly flashing “Obtaining IP Address” and immediately shows “Saved”. Every couple of seconds it tires to connect but always ends up saying “Saved” and never connects. So I have the latest Android Rom on this old tablet, new Netgear Router and I can’t connect. What’s next?

The Solution

So I search and search Android forums, Netgear forums, and tech forums for an answer to this weird issue. Many solutions include clicking on “Forget Network” and try again….done that, didn’t work. The next solution offered online was to perform a factory reset, which was a last resort for me. Many people said this did not fix the problem anyway. Other solutions said to make sure location service is on (it was) or that power saver is off (it was). Some solutions suggest that the router would not assign an IP address based on a MAC filter applied. And no, the tablet was not in Airplane mode as some would ask.

This tablet worked connecting to my WiFi so what is the real issue? I took the security settings off the WiFi router and made it an open network and VIOLA! The tablet connected and pulled an IP Address successfully. In conclusion, this latest and greatest router did not have the lowest level of security encryption. The tablet had an old network card in it and could not authenticate. My Ubiquiti allows for older devices but then again, it is a commercial application WiFi device. My client did not need to transfer files to and from his tablet to a server. The issue was with the Netgear AX1800 router. I created a Guest 2.4ghz channel and hid the SSID with no encryption. So to you techs out there that might run into this problem I hope this helps.